CFBS Advocacy Campaign (Part 1) Research & Master Planning

Posted by , 11.12.2010, 9:16 pm

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  CFS ( CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL) Introduction Schools evolve retaining what is good and adding innovations preparing the world for the future. They take shapes of ideas prevalent in their locations and times. Industrialization is considered to have dictated the basis for the current most commonly seen regimented school system; modelled after a cost efficient, market oriented industry consisting of different components such as factories, laboratories and various offices. In the recent decades children of Maldives were also streamed into an education system persistently campaigning to enroll all. Being a least developed country, a lot of financing for this expansion was raised by international agencies such as UNICEF. This has made it possible for 93,433 students (approximately 96% of the population between 3 and 18 years old) enrolled in schools in 20081, making approximately 100% enrollment at age 6 and 80% at age 16 and 40% at age 18. The only widely accepted mechanism to evaluate the performance of students now are LONDON GCE O/L results, which shows that 24.3% of the students who sat the exams in 2008 failed (below ‘C’ grade) in all subjects including 11,952 ‘U’ grades for papers costing more than 9 million Rufiya2. Labelled as […]