looking into ideas in my head

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Mooinc Partner and Head of Marketing has launched his personal blog/portfolio. Please visit looking into ideas in my head

“fyl. gd.” Feel Good

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Extracts from “FEEL GOOD: More Than Meets The Eye” communication campaign

Paula Scher: Do What You’ve Never Done Before

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  About this presentation Sometimes you have to ignore the brief, says renowned designer and artist Paula Scher. With a dry wit, Scher takes us behind-the-scenes on four landmark projects — from revamping MoMA’s identity to reinvigorating a Pittsburgh neighborhood through design — to illustrate how asking questions, pushing into uncharted territory, and doing something you’ve never done before leads to great work. Behance Conference


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The Cyprea photography installations (proposal) Boardroom and Directors rooms DUHA: forenoon a series of photographs inspired by the immediate existence between life and death. In this series, ‘existence’ is explored by the transformation that light goes through: from the time it enters the camera, until it leaves behind the image that makes the history of its life. What is left, eventually, are the markings made by light on the back of the camera: an image that is the result of the life that light has lived, on its journey from the outside world, through the camera, to the eventual end of its existence. In this context, an image is made equal or interpreted as the transformation that life takes, from conception till its known death. In this photo series, I will explore the state of being alive, very simply, by replacing life with light The home-made pinhole camera will act as a detrimental tool enabling the viewer to imagine the process. These images made with a pinhole camera gives a soft image, with a vivid color range. The soft focused images evoke a sense of calm, enabling the eye to move over a large surface of the image. The large […]

CFBS Advocacy Campaign (Part 3) Communication Strategy

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  CFBS ( CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL) Communication Plan To achieve the communication strategy as outlined above, a communication plan is developed to coordinate and integrate the communication tools that would be developed as part of the overall campaign that would maximize the impact on and participation of target audience and stakeholders involved in the implementation. Different activities within the communication plan will be developed and phased using the core concepts of friendliness, which includes involving, sharing, interacting and collaboration, within a cohesive and seamless, programs or phases, which could be self sustained and continual. as shown in figure below each phase will encompass a particular and play a distinctive purpose and role in achieving the overall communication strategy. PHASE 1: Involving & Identifying Objective To enable the local stakeholder within the education system to take the lead and be empowered to get involved and participate in a mutually and individually beneficial manner by identifying activities, instances and issues within the context of implementing a friendly environment in school. Target group. This particular phase will be locally confined within the school and island community level, hence enabling greater involvement and empowerment within the core group at the initial level, which is […]


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Objective The objective is to introduce the concept of Universal Healthcare. To make aware of the salient benefits to the public and how they can take advantage of the service. Background Government came into power with the slogan, “Ogaatheri Sarukaaru”. Within this initiative, the government prioritized the provision of free health care to the most vulnerable population, including people 65+, disabled, and the single parents, as well as build the foundation of health insurance through “Madhana Program”, to the rest of the population. Between 2008 and 2011, government laid the foundation to empower the population so they become responsible and become an integral part of providing for their own wellbeing, i.e. “Ogaatheri Mujutha”, through taxation. In 2012, as the continuation of this initiative, the government is going to introduce “Universal Health care”, which means universal health coverage to every Maldivian citizen. This meant that the public has taken responsibility for the health of the whole nation, and provide an equitable health service to the whole of society. Creating a secure and healthy society to build a more viable and sustainable future for all. Concept figure 1. Concept Narrative The Concept will show the initiative of “Universal Health care”, as a […]

La Vie

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DESIGN BREIF Travel & Enjoyment of life: The logo should signify “travel”, and “enjoyment of life” in its fullest through travel, exploration and discovering new and things unexpectedly. Relatable: The design should evoke a sense of familiarity and should be easily accessible to target audience. Versatile: The logo should be versatile and flexible in its application and usage, i.e. not strict and standardized. Changeable: The logo should be enable the consumer or viewer to relate to it individually, and enable them to have a sense of control over it. Sense of History: The logo should evoke a sense of story, which reveals itself slowly to enable the target audience to have a long term relationship with it. LOGO STORY “ Tourism is a journey back in time, to our lost origin, our primitive past” Time as rendered our primitive past inaccessible, though travel and tourism as made our primitive present distant but accessible. The logo strive to symbolize our need to find a path back to our lost origin, to a more innocent an idyll place or self that we (civilized) as tragically lost. The logo will represent our need to return and get in touch with our primordial self, […]

CFBS Advocacy Campaign (Part 2) Communication Identity

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COMMUNICATION IDENTITY   ////COMING SOON/////         CFBS Advocacy Campaign (Part 1) Research & Master Planning CFBS Advocacy Campaign (Part 3) Communication Strategy