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  • The objective is to introduce the concept of Universal Healthcare.
  • To make aware of the salient benefits to the public and how they can take advantage of the service.


Government came into power with the slogan, “Ogaatheri Sarukaaru”. Within this initiative, the government prioritized the provision of free health care to the most vulnerable population, including people 65+, disabled, and the single parents, as well as build the foundation of health insurance through “Madhana Program”, to the rest of the population.

Between 2008 and 2011, government laid the foundation to empower the population so they become responsible and become an integral part of providing for their own wellbeing, i.e. “Ogaatheri Mujutha”, through taxation.

In 2012, as the continuation of this initiative, the government is going to introduce “Universal Health care”, which means universal health coverage to every Maldivian citizen. This meant that the public has taken responsibility for the health of the whole nation, and provide an equitable health service to the whole of society. Creating a secure and healthy society to build a more viable and sustainable future for all.


figure 1. Concept Narrative

The Concept will show the initiative of “Universal Health care”, as a continuation of government initiative of creating a “Caring Society” (Ogaatheri Mujuthama), where each individual is responsible and has an equal stake in the future wellbeing of the country they reside within.

Visual Concept.

figure 2. visual concept for the campaign


The Umbrella symbolizes “health coverage”, and “caring”. Initially the government provides the protective cover for the most vulnerable, hence symbolized with a yellow umbrella. Then in 2012, the work and effort between those 3 years has enable the government to facilitate a mechanism where such initiatives can be sustained by making the people who receive the coverage part of the mechanism of its provision, hence enabling equitable health care for all. Thus the launch of “Universal Health care coverage for all, by the people for the people”.

Brand Name and Slogan

The name for the service, should signify the idea of universal health care, in a way which is unique as well as relevant locally. The name, should be relevant but also symbolize a sense of novelty, that this is a totally new service.


The visual logo was developed by combining two symbols which defines the core ideas behind Aasandha. firstly the idea of health coverage, symbolised by an Umbrella and secondly the government core policy which this service falls under, which is to provide a structure for social welfare, i.e. “Caring society”, symbolised as a “heart”.


Launch TV Spot:

The TV Spot will be used to introduce the idea of universal health care, and to show how this is a culmination of  governments continual effort to empower and build a healthy society.

The TV sport will use the symbols similar to the ones used in the figure 2. Where it will show a linear narrative timeline of how government from its first initiative of providing free health care to the most vulnerable, has enabled to develop a mechanism to provide the same service to all citizens, hence culminating with the slogan: “Ogaatheru Mujuthama, Dhiriulhumuge hifaseyhakan emmehneh”.

The last scene will show , how every individual gives shade to the person next to them, hence creating a “network of caring”.

The visual will show the umbrellas, which will be in the shade of the national colours, from above as coloured circles, which combined form the symbol of a “heart”.

Poster/ Leaflet cover

The final image of the heart made from the umbrella, will be used as the poster, with the slogan, “Loka, Dhaimee Faruvaa”, and the subtext “Ogaatheri Mujuthamaa, dhiriulhumuge hifeseyhakan emmehneh”

The Leaflet will contain information on the detail facilities you will have access to and the cover amount everyone is entitled to, as well as benefits they will receive from such a service. As individuals and as a society and community as a whole.


The event to launch this event will be held during a Friday, in an open space, i.e. “Jumhuree maidhan”, where crowds of family gather.

The main objective of the vent will be to distribute the leaflets and get basic health care information from representatives from IGMH and other health institutions who are part of the provision of universal health care, as well as NGOs, and institutes who advocate healthy lifestyles, and work in health field.

It will be a festive mood, where children activities and health checks will be available, as well as registration of important information to universal health care database.

The event will also enable participation of the communication campaign, where they will be given small colored ribbons, shaped as a heart, which they will paste with their signature or hand prints on to a 3d billboard also shaped as a heart. The Hearts will be in the colors of the national flag, and when pasted on to a 3d mold will stand there as representation of the launch for further 2 weeks, as a symbol of peoples participation.



During the event interviews will be conducted with the public regarding their views on provision of free universal healthcare in 2012, by the government, as well as speeches by different institutions represented in the event


SMS will be used to acquire information about the people, as well as to distribute information regarding the service.

Function: Public will send the age/ sex/ weight via an SMS, and they will receive information about their “Average Body Weight index.”, as well as information regarding universal health care service.

Pre Event TV Spot.

The interviews taken during the actual event will be edited and made into 30 second TV advertisement spot for the campaign, incorporated with the campaign identity. The TV Spots, which will show a dissection of the community represented, including:

  • Child and Mother
  • Father
  • Business man
  • Fisherman
  • Teenager


The rest of the interviews, which will not be included in the National Television Spots, will be hosted on Social Network sites.

Pre Event Ads on Dhiraagu Bills

The Dhiraagu Bill cover will be used to further promote the Sms service, to enable acquisition of data, and research, as well as give out further information regarding the availability of service.


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