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The Cyprea photography installations (proposal) Boardroom and Directors rooms

DUHA: forenoon a series of photographs inspired by the immediate existence between life and death.

In this series, ‘existence’ is explored by the transformation that light goes through: from the time it enters the camera, until it leaves behind the image that makes the history of its life. What is left, eventually, are the markings made by light on the back of the camera: an image that is the result of the life that light has lived, on its journey from the outside world, through the camera, to the eventual end of its existence.
In this context, an image is made equal or interpreted as the transformation that life takes, from conception till its known death.

In this photo series, I will explore the state of being alive, very simply, by replacing life with light

The home-made pinhole camera will act as a detrimental tool enabling the viewer to imagine the process. These images made with a pinhole camera gives a soft image, with a vivid color range.

The soft focused images evoke a sense of calm, enabling the eye to move over a large surface of the image.

The large scale of the image removes itself from being a photograph or a painting, instead transforming itself
more to an open field.

The work will be printed on cotton inkjet paper, and fixed with acid free inkjet print fixer. If treated properly, the print will have an estimated life of four generations.

The prints will be limited to six pieces, with one in possession of the artist.

The photographs will be mounted on acrylic plexiglass, preferably non-reflective.


The photographs shown in this proposal are from Duha (forenoon), which was a 2009 series of large inkjet prints made with a pinhole camera and exhibited in New York.

The project began as a vague study of the Arab Israeli conflict, which then diverted itself towards religion and spirituality.

While working on this project, I stumbled upon dust through a freak of exposure. This allowed me to see the light’s process in an unexpected angle and opened a whole new avenue in exploration.

Towards the end, its final form took place as an exploration of existence using light and dust as its aesthetic components.

I intend to continue the Duha series for the interior of the Cyprea Building. I believe this is a rare opportunity for this body of work to be exhibited in a fine space, making them complement each other. Placed in a working environment, viewers will have a completely different interaction with the photographs to seeing them in a gallery. The inhabitants of Cyprea Building will have an opportunity to transcend the boundaries of their working environment into the softer surrealityof the photographs.

Conference Room

The proposed large scale photographs for these spaces will evoke a sense of calmness in the viewer. The proposed style of photographs will have a quality that makes them quiet and poetic. Mostly vague in subject matter and in the way its rendered by the camera, they offer a transcendent surface.

Directors Offices

Folding Screens
Folding screens will be made by printing images onto a translucent paper and mounted on thick plexiglass. The screen will be self-standing, at four feet from the floor. These screens can be used to partition office spaces to create a semi-private workspace.

The Cyprea Stairwell Exhibition Space


The ground level of the Cyprea allows an open interface with the street and acts as a continuity from it with a cafe and an open public space. The Building is organised as a series of vertically stacked individual office floors connected by a public lift and stairwell.

The proposal is to turn this otherwise utilitarian space into an independent exhibition space. With the facility of the cafe’ at the ground level and the open terrace at the top of the building, the southern wall is an ideal surface to curate the work of artists or corporate exhibitions. This space will be a great asset to the building as it will avoid stagnancy and keep the building ‘alive’.

Openings for art shows will create a social venue for the Cyprea community to interact outside work in an informative, creative setting. The terrace is an ideal space to have discussions and presentations of this sort. The stairwell and the terrace have the potential of being multifunctional spaces; if utilized well, these spaces can be made an exciting and useful space for everyone who use the building.

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