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What if the most valued product/service in the world became something you didn’t use or had foreseen any use for yourself. That’s the first thought that came to my mind, when I heard that Facebook had bought Whatsapp, a cross platform instant messaging service*(thats how Wikipedia described it), for a whopping $19 billion. The fact that I didn’t use this particular “Mobile App”, made me question my own importance and relevance as a contributor to the world economy. I thought that I must have passed my sell by date as a potential target, or revenue creator for the corporations, and my need to exist was surely in question. My insecurity in regards to this situation was further justified, when I came to understand that the prevailing reason for this purchase was, that Facebook became worried about losing its younger user base. In danger of being deemed old & worthless, I downloaded Whatsapp, but it didn’t make me feel, any younger or any more valuable.

Setting aside my personal anxieties, and looking at this from a more general perspective, it worth considering how this purchase in the larger scheme of technological evolution, would affect humanity as a whole, and the way we continue to communicate in the future. I will try and see if I can hazard a guess.

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