La Vie

Posted by , 15.06.2011, 3:41 pm

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DESIGN BREIF Travel & Enjoyment of life: The logo should signify “travel”, and “enjoyment of life” in its fullest through travel, exploration and discovering new and things unexpectedly. Relatable: The design should evoke a sense of familiarity and should be easily accessible to target audience. Versatile: The logo should be versatile and flexible in its application and usage, i.e. not strict and standardized. Changeable: The logo should be enable the consumer or viewer to relate to it individually, and enable them to have a sense of control over it. Sense of History: The logo should evoke a sense of story, which reveals itself slowly to enable the target audience to have a long term relationship with it. LOGO STORY “ Tourism is a journey back in time, to our lost origin, our primitive past” Time as rendered our primitive past inaccessible, though travel and tourism as made our primitive present distant but accessible. The logo strive to symbolize our need to find a path back to our lost origin, to a more innocent an idyll place or self that we (civilized) as tragically lost. The logo will represent our need to return and get in touch with our primordial self, […]