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Mooinc Partner and Head of Marketing has launched his personal blog/portfolio. Please visit looking into ideas in my head

Kun Faya Kun – “Be! And it is”

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A photographic compilation of glimpses of one of the Nothern Islands of The Maldives; Haa Alif Atoll Ihavandhoo in 2011. The beautiful Island’s more than 300 year old coral stone mosque, cemetery, revered mausoleum, roads, vernacular buildings, beautiful people are captured with their “essence”. During my visit to the Island, the song, Kun Faya Kun — its words — cleansed my soul in the graceful light of Almighty Allah and guided my heart to Him, like a Sufi Dervish’s in a Sema.


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Objective The objective is to introduce the concept of Universal Healthcare. To make aware of the salient benefits to the public and how they can take advantage of the service. Background Government came into power with the slogan, “Ogaatheri Sarukaaru”. Within this initiative, the government prioritized the provision of free health care to the most vulnerable population, including people 65+, disabled, and the single parents, as well as build the foundation of health insurance through “Madhana Program”, to the rest of the population. Between 2008 and 2011, government laid the foundation to empower the population so they become responsible and become an integral part of providing for their own wellbeing, i.e. “Ogaatheri Mujutha”, through taxation. In 2012, as the continuation of this initiative, the government is going to introduce “Universal Health care”, which means universal health coverage to every Maldivian citizen. This meant that the public has taken responsibility for the health of the whole nation, and provide an equitable health service to the whole of society. Creating a secure and healthy society to build a more viable and sustainable future for all. Concept figure 1. Concept Narrative The Concept will show the initiative of “Universal Health care”, as a […]

Old Haveeru Issue

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Found this Haveeru issue from the  80s

“Unjustified”, Part II — Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers

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“Unjustified”, Part II By Paula Scher   Rick Valicenti’s work (with John Maeda) for Gilbert Paper Read more: “Unjustified”, Part II — Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers

AIGA: Unjustified « Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers

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AIGA: Unjustified By Paula Scher AIGA’s “Justified” competition will select examples of good design that are also described in terms of their effectiveness in meeting the client’s objectives. Entries will be judged based on their design attributes and also how well a short case is made on their effectiveness in a clear, compelling and accessible way. A discerning and qualified jury will identify submissions that serve as an effective tool to explain design’s value to clients, students, peers and the public in general.  Based on the criteria of AIGA’s Justified competition, the posters of Armin Hofmann (above) and the jackets of Push Pin Group’s Graphic (below) would not qualify   Read more: AIGA: Unjustified — Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers      

‘The Island President’: Ousted Leader Fights Political Battle as Movie Rolls Out

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  (Photo of Jon Shenk, left, and Mohamed Nasheed by Matt Carr/Getty Images) “The Island President” at the center of Jon Shenk’s documentary is no longer in office, but Mohamed Nasheed’s environmental crusade on behalf of his island nation continues as the movie rolls out into theaters Friday. read more

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Uncategorized   The blog of James Bridle: literature, technology and book futurism, since 2006. The book is dead. Long live the book. Founded in September 2006, exists to investigate, analyse, catalogue and debate the future of literature and the publishing industry. was founded out of a frustration with the failure of trade publishing to engage with new media and technology, a frustration reflected in the first essay: Birth Pangs of a new Literature. Over time, the industry has started to change, but continues to champion and challenge new literary forms and new publishing models.    

“HOARA” Island Aviation Inflight Magazine 2nd issue

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I just came across this today while getting cigarets from the cornershop near my apartment building. Became really nostalgic as this was my first commercial work i did as a photographer in 2002.  It was a fulfilling assignment with Shahee, Aesh, and Dhomu.